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How the Aquapol System Works.

AQUAPOL’s eco-friendly system means:

  • NO drilling or cutting into walls is done.
  • NO chemical injection of any kind is required.
  • NO maintenance needed.
  • NO electricity or batteries required.

A brief description of how the AQUAPOL system works

AQUAPOL is a revolutionary solution to rising damp.

The AQUAPOL unit is installed in a specified area in the building and reverses the rising damp by sending it back through the capillary system of the walls where it came from, leading to dehydration.

The AQUAPOL unit draws upon “space” or so-called “room energy” (which is available anywhere on Earth) so it does not require any artificial energy such as electricity. The dehydration process is therefore carried out in an eco-friendly way.

In a physical sense it could be seen as an innovative generator.


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