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Awards. International Achievements.

The achievements of AQUAPOL and it’s inventor, Wilhelm Mohorn, have received several national and international awards. The Honorary Award from the Austrian Ministry of Science, the Kaplan Medal, which is bestowed to inventors, and the Architecture Award of the City of Prague.

1993 Architecture Award (Prague)
1995 Honorary Award of the Austrian Ministry of Science
1995 Award of the Kaplan Medal to inventor Wilhelm Mohorn (Austria)
1995 Innovation Charter (Austria)
1997 Bronze Medal awarded on the IENA (International Exhibition “Ideas-Inventions-Novelties”)
2001 Gold Medal awarded on the IENA 2001 for the innovative multifunctional space energy technology. (For building dehydration as well as ground hydration and dehydration) At the Nuremberg Exhibition for Inventions and Novelties the Austrian engineer Wilhelm Mohorn was chosen from 600 participants from 24 countries and awarded the Gold Medal. He was conferred this honour for his patented invention, the AQUAPOL system. This system is able to dry out walls without chemicals, electricity nor destructive effects on the masonry. It reverses the direction of water molecules in the wall so that they go back into the ground. It is also possible to invert this system, and to hydrate the ground without physical intervention.

Further Honorary Charters abroad


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