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  • NO chemicals
  • NO cutting or drilling
  • NO electricity or batteries
  • AQUAPOL has been in operation since 1985
  • More than 50,000 installations in 22 countries
  • 20 year warranty on the device

Pre-purchase information:

  • Free analysis of rising damp
  • Free quotation
  • Aquapol info-leaflet and Brochure
  • Information Video: “Top Secret Water”

Aquapol’s extended service after purchase:

  • Measurement of dampness
  • A full checklist of accompanying precautions
  • Diagnostic measurement of the wall dampness
  • Suggestions for economical redevelopment
  • Service continued until project completion
  • Evidence for success according to ÖNORM B 3355
    (ÖNORM: Austrian norm for general technical standards)



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