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The Aquapol system is a revolutionary solution to rising damp. Rising moisture is a major cause of decay to masonry materials such as stone, brick and mortar. It is also the source of mold and associated health issues. For centuries, the challenge of how to dry out buildings and keep them dry has confounded engineers and builders. No more.


Aquapol is an alternative and eco-friendly system using natural earth energies to drive moisture out of masonry – permanently. It is easily installed without disruptive masonry work and operates without electricity, without chemicals, and with zero maintenance. It represents a revolution in the handling of rising moisture in buildings. Read about why you should use the Aquapol system to dry out your home or building HERE.



Aquapol is the brainchild of award-winning Austrian engineer Wilhelm Mohorn, whose revolutionary solution to rising moisture in buildings draws on the discoveries made by legendary genius and visionary, Nikola Tesla.


The name Aquapol comes from ‘aqua’, the Latin word for water, and ‘pol’, which is short for polarisation. Aquapol reverses the polarity of the water molecules found in the walls and causes the damp to flow downwards, leading to dehydration. Aquapol has a 30 year track record, with more than 50,000 successful installations in 22 countries.



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Testimonials – Aquapol not only dries out buildings, the occupants say their health has improved

A 65% reduction in energy bills after Aquapol installation

Dear Aquapol USA,

We have had a severe moisture problem in our home for the past 23 plus years that we have lived here, causing a damp mildew smell that was almost unbearable at times. We finally had enough suffering with those conditions and sought out a permanent solution to the problem. That is when we discovered your company and Aquapol has delivered on everything they promised they would and after only a few months we could feel a difference;  now 1 year later, our foundation walls have completely dried out and the atmosphere in our home feels wonderful now that the damp unpleasant mildew smell has vanished. Thank you so very much for helping us make our house a more comfortable home.  Oh, by the way, our winter heating bill went down significantly from over $400 a month down to $122 a month our home is considerably warmer now and we love paying less in utility bills, well done Aquapol. – JG, Springfield, Illinois.

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icon_videoThe intelligent Aquapol masonry dehydration system removes and controls rising damp with its innovative, eco-friendly solution. Masonry dehydration without any chemicals, without any cutting and with no maintenance.




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Aquapol Research

“Aquapol Free Energy Moisture Control Device Now Available in U.S.” says Infinite Energy, the preeminent scientific magazine for the alternative energy market. The article includes also an interview with Aquapol founder, Wilhelm Mohorn. As the article explains, Aquapol represents a major break-through in the discovery of new energies.


Further information: download article in PDFdownload article in PDF

Meet Aquapol’s founder, Willie Mohorn


This interview with Aquapol founder, Wilhelm Mohorn, examines the often agonizing but ultimately brilliant discoveries behind the Aquapol technology. This is a must-read for those with an interest in cutting edge scientific research. It is also a suggested read for those with a passing interest in this fascinating, award-winning technology.



The technology behind Aquapol


Rising damp is a major concern for home and building owners and constitutes a high percentage of humidity issues in buildings. Left unresolved, it can be the cause of structural damage and can significantly reduce the value and the lifespan of a building. It is also a well-known fact that health risks exist for the occupants of buildings and homes which carry wall moisture.


Aquapol has been installing its revolutionary system worldwide since 1985, with over 52,000 units worldwide. Aquapol has definitively solved the problem of rising moisture in a diverse range of buildings, from churches and cathedrals to city halls, museums, historical buildings, castles, parliamentary houses, convents, monasteries, wine cellars and, of course, private homes. Here are but a few of our successes in world-renowned buildings:

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